Wednesday, 10 August 2011

UK riots - An Open Letter to the Sydney Morning Herald

Before you continue, please read this article, published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Thanks, Sydney Morning Herald, you morons. Talk about kicking a country whilst it's down. I notice the article mentions nothing about the spirit of the people who have attended the clean ups all around the City, about the efforts made by strangers to do what they can to help patch up the damage done by the mindless idiots who have jumped on a bandwagon of anger.

How DARE you publish this article? I wonder, did you publish something similar about Madrid after the horrendous bombings there? An article about how we should all avoid NYC after September 11th, perhaps?

When Queensland flooded, us British didn't avoid the place and recommend that people shouldn't go. In fact, we went there to spend our dollars. We donated to the cause. Because it's important to support people when they've been kicked in the teeth.

I'm surprised, SMH. I expected better from you - although quite why, I don't know. This article is as far from the famed 'Aussie spirit' as you could get. Shame on you.

I'd like to see a little more solidarity and a bit more praise and support for the people who REALLY matter in all this - the innocents. For the cities we live and work in and the businesses we've built from scratch. These riots have spread like a fog of disease throughout the country but this has not deterred the decent people of the UK from standing up proudly and reclaiming their cities from the perpetrators of this destruction.

Because THIS isn't Manchester. THIS is Manchester.

I'd like to quote a friend of mine, Russell Jones, who helped with the cleaning up of Manchester yesterday - his words say more than I can.

I'm immensely proud of my home town, especially today. It doesn't belong to rioters. It belongs to us. 

It's home to Anthony Burgess, Morrissey, Fred Perry, Bernard Cribbins, Brian Cox and Karl Pilkington. 

Home to the industrial revolution, the world's first inter-city railway, first computer and first free public library.

We split the atom. We invented Vimto. We built the CT scanner.

It's the engine room of our nation's musical, gay, civic and sporting pride.  

It’s a jewel in the rain.

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