Thursday, 16 February 2012

What Tony Abbott doesn't know about Asylum Seekers (it's a lot).

This story made me incandescent with rage this morning. Add to this the news that the Refugee Language Program at Sydney Uni (who I ran the half marathon for last year) have lost their funding - it's been an interesting week. 

Tony Abbott - you complete MORON. When a bed and a sofa are given to REFUGEES (those who have been granted protection, y'know) who have been IMPRISONED UNLAWFULLY for years (sorry, been 'processed in detention centres', my mistake), that would seem to be the very LEAST the Federal Government could do after inflicting mental and physical scars on innocent people, including children. 

'Fully furnished, rent free homes' - who are you KIDDING? Yahoo 7 are no better for running this article. You think they go out to Dick Smiths and choose a state of the art TV? Think they shop at Slumberland?

Red carpet? Mr Abbott, you have so much to learn, you ignorant, vote hungry, arrogant cretin.

Come to my place of work, come and see what it's really like. Come and see the places we are forced to house pregnant women and their children. Come and see the day to day struggle that asylum seekers in Australia face. Come and see their humility, courage and resilience and the unfailing kindness of the volunteers and staff who give their time, energy and resources - tenfold - to help them because the likes of you won't.

I dare you.

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